Haysshooting @LasVentanas
CHL Classes and Shooting Range Serving Hays County, TX (Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, San Marcos) and Austin

Range Information

  • We are an outdoor range, subject to the weather conditions. Rain creates mud and mud causes cancellations. We hope you understand. We have a 200-yard rifle range in addition to a paper and steel pistol range.
  • There are no signs showing or advertising our range and the map on Google will not get you here. NO DRIVE UP RANGE TIME! You must call for directions.
  • We do Not sell Weapons.
  • We do Not sell Ammo
  • Limited Weapon Rental available for CHL students or during Private Lessons, Contact us for more info.
  • We have no concession stand and encourage you to bring Your own Water or soft drinks.
  • The bathroom is old style…. Hit the brush. Really serious? There is a nice convenience store about 1.3 miles away.
  • Since we operate by appointment-only, we are a wonderful range for the kid’s first shooting experience. No worries about other shooters and the distractions they bring. We are always glad to help young shooters enjoy shooting and learn safe skills.
  • Eye and ear protection are required at all times when you are at the range.
  • It is Highly Recommended that a Brimmed Cap, Collared Shirt and Closed Toe shoes be worn at all times. (keep in mind that Hot ejected brass down a shirt or blouse can be a burning experience, please dress appropriately).
  • You may not at any time fire any weapon at any steel targets without prior permission from a Range Officer.

We Expect you to police up your brass. Also we expect you to pick up and carry away all trash. Thanks.

We are different from other ranges in that after you show us you are safe and competent with your handgun by shooting paper targets, you can, if you wish, transition to our steel plates. We have swinging plates, dueling trees and hostage targets. We don’t know of any other range in the area that allows shooters regular access to steel. By limiting the number of active shooters on the range we can and do encourage you to move and shoot. Learn to use your weapon -- not just punch holes.

We are a great place for the rifle shooter who is working up loads. You will have the range to yourself giving you a nice quiet range to contemplate all those nagging issues like, is it the bullet weight, am I using the wrong powder, wrong primer, wrong bullet jump or any of the other thousands of combinations that drive precision shooters a little closer to the edge each time we press the trigger.

For reloaders, since you and/or your friends are the only shooters, you are welcome to pick up your own brass.

The cost for individuals to use the range is by donation… simply…if you think it’s worth $3 bucks to have a close place to shoot, then I guess that’s all it’s worth to you. On the other hand if you are the person I have been searching for and think it is worth $13 million bucks….. well, we are going to be really close friends!

If an appointment is made and you fail to show up, don’t bother calling for another slot. You cost us money and time that can’t be made up. So please call in advance to let us know you’re cancelling the appointment. Thanks.

We are happy to give some basic tips to improve your shooting if you ask for help. This goes along with the donation.

We are not set up for skeet shooting but do allow shotguns. If you wish to fire shotguns at targets then you will need to furnish those and target stands. All hulls will be picked up and taken with you when you leave.

We allow rapid fire as long as you can maintain control of your weapon.

If you cannot legally possess a weapon or if your weapon itself is illegal please save both of us the time and don’t call for range time.

If you are firing any weapon requiring federal tax stamps, please make sure to bring a copy of the required paper work. We want you to enjoy your shooting time, but we do not intend to help anyone violate the laws.

If you use any type of Blazer brand ammo or aluminum or steel cased ammo you are required to pick up all spent casings and take them with you when you leave.

MORE QUESTIONS? CONTACT TIM HARKINS (Voice or Text) @ 512-940-8897 OR th@haysshooting.com