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CHL Classes and Shooting Range Serving Hays County, TX (Kyle, Buda, Wimberley, San Marcos) and Austin



Haysshooting.com offers various private classes, from beginners up through tactical training. Prices are per student.



$35.00 per hour – first session has 2 hour minimum – 250 rounds minimum.

Topics to be covered will depend on the student’s abilities.

We will cover safety, the weapon’s features, presentation, shooting techniques, marksmanship, reloading, trigger reset, the difference between concealment and cover, shooting on the move, malfunctions, and mindset and encounter survival.




$40.00 PER HOUR – two hour initial class - minimum 250 rounds.

Topics covered will vary depending on your ability. They are the same as pistol but also include zeroing and optics.




$45.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum - 100 rounds minimum.

Topics covered are the same as pistol with the added feature of a sore shoulder.

The above prices include range fees and are per student. Classes may be as small as one to four students.

Equipment – Your own weapon (for private lessons we will rent you a weapon), extra magazines, holster and a mag pouch. We really believe it is important for you to have your own gear and learn to use it. Additionally you will need eye and hearing protection, hat, ammo and closed toe shoes.

MORE QUESTIONS? CONTACT TIM HARKINS (Voice or Text) @ 512-940-8897 OR th@haysshooting.com



Customer Comments/Testimonials


From: Alison Brause
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 3:03 PM
To: tim haysshooting.com
Subject: RE: Thanks

Dear Timmy,

I didn’t want to leave the country without thanking you and letting you know how fortunate I feel to have been introduced to shooting with you as the instructor. You are a fabulous teacher, both at the shooting range and in the classroom.
I’ve done a lot of teaching and I can really appreciate what it takes to hold a classes attention for 10 hours and then have to make sure beginners don’t create any safety issues out on a range. (Better you than me :)). You were able to hold our attention, keep us laughing, and raise thought provoking issues, with the driest of material. I think those of us who took your class are spoiled and won’t be able to tolerate another instructor.
I’ve shown my targets to a number of people who can’t believe I shot that well. I told them that’s what really great teaching can do.
Thank you so much for accommodating my schedule, and all the time you gave me. You opened up a world to me I didn’t even know I was interested in.

Thanks again for your patience, for sharing your expertise with me, and your terrific teaching,
Alison Brause



From: Vince Collier
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 7:31 AM
To: tim haysshooting.com
Subject: RE: CHL Class

Mr Harkins Good Morning,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for spending time with my family on Saturday.
The confidence you gave my wife, Rexanne, is going to make a huge difference in her comfort level when we take our CHL class on the 27th. It is so important for her to have the mystery of her new weapon removed and the proficiency necessary to complete the class in place.
More importantly the time you spent with my daughter, Kaylin, will ensure her ability to grow into a more confident marksman and the lessons she learned may save her life someday. This as a parent is an invaluable lesson that can be assessed no monetary value. I believe your teaching will be remembered by her as a life lesson long after we are gone and will be shared by her children.
I am honored to have met you and Terry at Bullitproof was more than correct in his recommendation for you to be the right man for the job. I hope our acquaintance can grow into a lifelong friendship ( although I’m sure getting in to your Circle of Trust will mandate some sort of background check and Top Secret Clearance ) and that this will be the first of many afternoons spent shooting together.

With great respect and thanx,